Custom Foam Graduation Big Head
Custom Foam Graduation Big Head
Custom Foam Graduation Big Head
Custom Foam Graduation Big Head
Custom Foam Graduation Big Head

Custom Foam Graduation Big Head

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Celebrate this milestone in a big way! Our custom-made Graduation Fatheads bring your favorite graduation moments to life in a larger-than-life format. Perfect for graduation parties, bedroom walls, or as a unique gift to commemorate this special occasion, our fatheads are designed to capture the essence of your achievement.

Product Features:

  • Made-to-Order Customization: Each fathead is crafted based on your specific photo, ensuring a personalized touch that celebrates the graduate's unique journey.
  • Optimal Size for Impact: Depending on the orientation of your submitted photo (portrait or landscape), we adjust the dimensions to maximize impact without compromising quality, up to a maximum space of 30"x20". This size is perfect for making a statement while fitting well in most spaces.
  • High-Quality Material: Printed on durable, high-quality foam material, our fatheads are designed to last. 
  • Vivid, Lifelike Images: Utilizing state-of-the-art printing technology, we ensure that each fathead features vivid colors and lifelike images, bringing the joy of graduation day into your space.

Ordering Process:

  1. Select Your Photo: Choose a high-resolution photo from graduation day that you'd like to feature. Portrait or landscape orientation will determine the final dimensions within the maximum space of 30"x20".
  2. Submit Your Order: Upload your photo and complete your purchase through our secure website.
  3. Proofing: We'll send you a digital proof for your approval before printing, ensuring that everything looks perfect.
  4. Delivery: Once approved, your custom graduation fathead will be printed and shipped directly to you, or to be picked up and ready to make a statement.

Celebrate graduation in a memorable way with our custom Graduation Fatheads. Order now and keep the memory of your achievement alive for years to come!